Welcome to the website of the Laboratory of Quantitative Methods of Operations Research and Statistics in Engineering (MORSELAB).


The Lab is part of the Industrial Management Division of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Western Macedonia. The Lab is active in basic and applied Operations Research Techniques and in Stochastic Processes issues. The scientific areas where the Lab is mainly active are briefly the following:

            - Production and Operations Management.
            - Quality Control.
            - Statistical Experiments.
            - Equipment Maintenance.
            - Inventory and Supply Chain Management.


Our mission is
      - to provide our students with high quality education and teaching,
      - to conduct and publish high quality basic and applied research,
      - to widen the co-operation and scientific exchanges with other
         academic institutions in Greece and abroad.





Welcome to the brand new website of our Laboratory

The students of the tyfoon team of the Mechanical Engineering Department of the UOWM at KOZANI.TV https://youtu.be/8KSxwt81SO4