MORSELAB offers three mandatory courses during the first cycle of studies and five elective courses during the second and third cycle of studies in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, while most of these courses are also taught in the Department of Informatics & Telecommunications Engineering:

1.   First Cycle courses:

-  Statistics (eclass.uowm.gr/courses/MECH164/)

-  Operations Research (eclass.uowm.gr/courses/MECH165/)

-  Industrial Management (eclass.uowm.gr/courses/MECH177/)



     2.   Second Cycle courses:

     -  Quality Control (eclass.uowm.gr/courses/MECH167/)

     -  Inventory Management (eclass.uowm.gr/courses/MECH169/)

     -  Operations Research II (eclass.uowm.gr/courses/MECH204/)


3.   Third Cycle courses:

Design of Experiments (eclass.uowm.gr/courses/MECH205/)

-  Simulation and System Dynamics (eclass.uowm.gr/courses/MECH168/)

Supply Chain Management (eclass.uowm.gr/courses/MECH274/)